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Long ago there was a queen named, Rani Padmini who fell in love with the green glades and small hill in the area, and that was the reason that her spouse king Raja Sukherdev constructed an impressive place and named it Ranikhet. The term Ranikhet stands for the Queen's meadow. It is one of the charming and pleasing destinations in Uttarakhand state, drawing people from all corner of the globe.

In the past, British also made this place as an encampment for their military. It offers a marvelous view to the visitors of Western Himalayas and a wonderful view of Nanda Devi temple. The area is still a cantonment of soldiers.

Ranikhet is mostly famous for its two most revered shrines, Jhoola Devi and Kala Devi Ka mandir. The temple of Jhoola Devi was built around 400 years ago devoting to the local Goddess. It is believed that local deity saved several life's of people from the man eating tigers. Where the Kala Devi Ka mandir considered to be constructed 5000 years back. The place is naturally decorated with dense pine and oak tress, which makes it an ideal place for sightseers and nature lovers.

The pleasing weather of Ranikhet stays well around the year. This hilly resort combines Alpine type of atmosphere. The summer's hotness keeps itself far from extreme and continues from April to June. The winters bring chilly weather and remains from November to February. In the months of December and January a sufficient amount of snow fall can be seen. Due to the southwestern monsoon July and August comes with heavy rainfall in Ranikhet town.

People can easily reach Ranikhet, the closest airways is at Pantnagar, where in Kathgodam is nearest railway station. You can also travel by road; the town is well joined with other regions such as Nainital, Almora and Ramnagar.

Ranikhet Tourist Place

There are many tourists' attractions in Ranikhet including Chaubatia, Upat, Bhalu Dam, Majhkhali, tarikhet and many more among others. Visitors across the country make trips to Ranikhet and experience such wonderful places. Chaubatia is famous for meetings of four roads, located at a distance of 10 kilometer south of Ranikhet. Upat is the great place for golf lovers who visit here to play golf, situated on Almora road and 6 kilo meter from Sadar Bazar. Bhalu Dam is a lake on the Koshi rive but unoriginal.

Top 3 Highlight To Visit Ranikhet

Golf Course

This is a big crowd-puller for all tourists. Since it is popular for being one of the highest golf courses across Asia, everyone wants to make a visit here. If you want to enjoy playing golf at this course in Ranikhet, you can also apply for temporary memberships.

Binsar Mahadev Temple

The spiritual aura that surrounds the Binsar Mahadev Temple is definitely something you should experience. In addition, the temple is situated in a wonderful natural setting, a true feast for the eyes. Lord Shiva is the main deity at this temple in Ranikhet.

Sunset Points

Ranikhet is a place of astounding natural beauty. One of the major attractions at this tourist destination is its beautiful sunsets. If you want to enjoy the heart-stirring views of the soaking sun, you can visit popular sunset points including Machkhali and the one along the Jhula Devi temple road.