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A charming hill station in Uttarakhand state, Nainital is a regular haunt for the tourists. The majestic beauty of the site attracts lots of nature lovers from every corner of India. Nainital city is placed at an altitude of 1938 meters above the level of the sea. It is believed that the name of the town is a derivation of the Naini Lake, which is located in the heart of the city. Among the people of India it is also famously popular as the Lake District of India. In the year 1941 the British identified the Nainital town first as a picnic resort.

In 19th century some of the "European" schools were discovered in Nainital city, for boys and girls. At that time most of the children were belong to the British colony and soldiers. In 1906 the number of schools increases about half of a dozen adding the Diocesan Boy's School but later on this school name was renamed as Sherwood College.

In the 20th gradually Indian Businessmen and Bureaucrats began to settling in Nainital and there after a huge crowd of people settled here, then ultimately a big turnover occurred in the year 1952 when the amount of British colony had started decreasing fast. The main reason was that the British were paid compensation while their holydays in England, their number not just declined but they also stopped visiting here. With the passage of time the beautiful town of Nainital were completely dominated by the Indian population.

The maximum temperature in Nainital stays at 27 degree Celsius in summers and minimum goes down 7 degree celsius. From December to February the temperature goes down from 15 degree to -3 degree celsius and which is why during these months Nainital also receives snowfall.

The Nainital district is separated into two parts Mallital and Tallital situated on the opposite sides Mallital is at northern side and Tallital is at southern. The name of the Nani Lake is taken from Naina Devi goddess in the area.

Nainital Tourist Place

Nanda Devi Temple, Sher-Ka-Danda Ridge, Tiffin Top Mountain, Guano Hills, Gurney House, Naina Lake and many others major attractions pull the crowd. Nanda Devi Temple was built again when due to landslide the temple was destroyed in 1880. Enjoy travelling via a rope way to reach the Sher-Ka-Danda Ridge. Take your kids to the children park for fun.

Top 3 Highlight To Visit Nainital

Naina Devi Temple

One of the most sacred in the entire town, you'll find this temple towards the northern shore of the Naini Lake. After being completely ruined due to a landslide, the temple was reconstructed in the year 1880. Maa Naina Devi is the chief deity at this temple in Nainital.

Naini Lake

This lake is one of the biggest crowd-pullers in the city of Nainital. In fact, it is the very lake from which the city has derived its name. While visiting the city, you can never afford to miss a boating ride along this lake. The surrounding areas are extremely scenic.

Snow View Point

If you love photography, you can head straight to the Snow View Point, located at an altitude of 2,250 m above sea level. As the name indicates, you can soak up breathtaking views of snow-laden and sky-hugging mountains from this place.