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Munsiyari is located at Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand state. It's beautifully snuggled up at a height of 11500 ft above sea level. Munsiyari is at 120 km from Pithoragarh. The site is not popular enough among the tourists but it is a tranquil and peaceful tourism destination in Uttarakhand. There are many snow-laden mountain peaks that you can enjoy watching from Munsiyari. These include Nandakot, Rambha and Panchachulli.

Once you set your foot in Munsyari, you will notice plenty of trekking lovers doing trekking stunts to closely located areas including Khalia top 10 kms, Darkot 10 kilometrs, Birthi and so on. Trekking lovers can visit this place and can enjoy scenic trekking.

The meaning of Munsiyari is "a place with snow". This is a symbol of heaven for nature lovers. The beautiful Himalayan ranges roll over are all around the area. This Himalayan forest is like a home for different types of birds and animals such as whistling thrush, wagtail and hawk cuckoo, leopard, bear and the musk deer. So, you can also enjoy viewing a pristine flora and fauna during your visit to Munsiyari hill station. The river Goriganga passes through increasing the beauty of the town manifolds.

This pleasant destination has many months with good climate and comfortable temperature. It will be advisable not to make trips to reach Munsiyari during monsoon, as the season brings heavy rainfall. Trekkers are advised to visit here during the winters or summers.

The best visiting time period starts from March to June and September to October. During the months of summers, the expected temperature is about 27 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature in winters goes down and stays at 7 degree Celsius. Avoid coming in Munsiyari in the month of August, because in August the rainfall reaches its highest limit.

Munsiyari Tourist Place

Nearby places to see in Munsiyari include Madkot, Birthi Fall, Masterji's Museum, Dar Kot Living and many others. At Dar Kot, you will see the ancient wooden houses with aesthetic designs. You can also plan to purchase beautiful sheep wool blankets. In addition, you can make a visit to Madkot, where you will find the hot water springs, just 22 kilo meters from Munsiyari. Picturesque Birthi Fall is just at 90 km from the hill station. more details...

Top 3 Highlight To Visit Munsiyari

Maheshwari Kund

According to the Hindu mythology, it the lake in which a Yaksha used to abide. Somehow, the Yaksha came to like the daughter of the village Sarpanch. To stop Yaksha and take revenge, the villagers dried up the lake. Soon after, the village suffered from a drought, in the form of a curse.


If you are interested in exploring the cultural richness of the people of the Kumaon region, you should never miss to visit Darkot. The small hamlet has a lot in store for visitors. You can purchase top quality pashmina shawls and sheep-wool blankets at the village.

Birthi Falls

If you want to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones, you can also take halt at the Birthi Falls in the town of Munsiyari. The fall is frequented by both locals and outsiders. The fall comes down from an elevation of around 126 m, that's a fantastic sight to soak up.