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Lansdowne is one of those hill stations that are still unexplored by travellers and tourists. The name of the region is taken from a British Viceroy(whose name was Lord Lansdowne) of India in 1887 AD. He was also the founder of this area, hence the place became famous by the name of Lansdowne. Before it was discovered as Lansdowne, it was called "Kaludanda".

Dense populations of Oak and Pine make the atmosphere clean, crispy and fresh. When British ruled over the region, the town came into existence to provide Garhwal Rifle training and for recruitment. It's interesting to note that the command office Garhwal Rifles of Indian Army is still located in this town.

The area has also been the cantonment of army. It is perched at an elevation of 1706 meters above the sea level. The town is tucked away at a distance of 81 kilometers from Pauri district in Uttarakhand. People across the country come here to refresh their mind and soul, escaping from the bustle of cities. Its captivated and charming beauty keeps attracting visitors from far and wide, all round the year.

People from an array of cultural backgrounds came here for the purpose of business, growing the popularity of the town in the country. Sardotsav is one of the popular festivals in Lansdowne. The festive occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and takes place every year between January and February.

The maximum temperature in summers stays at 30 degree and the minimum temperature is around 15 degree Celsius. In winters, the temperature varies from 24 degree to 0 degree Celsius. If you want to visit Lansdowne, nature lovers can the period from October to March is the best time.

Lansdowne Tourist Place

Lansdowne has in store many attractive places where tourists love to visit throughout the year. According to Hindu mythos, the Kanvashram is highly revered in the region. It's believed that son of Shakuntala' "Bharat" was born at this very temple. Individuals can also make a visit to Jwalpadevi shrine, devoted to the Hindu goddess Durga. Other tourist attractions that you can enjoy visiting include Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Garhwali Mess, Regimental Museum and Bhulla Tal.

Top 3 Highlight To Visit Lansdowne

Bhulla Tal

This is an artificial lake, but attracts a huge crowd all the year round. Tourists make a visit to this lake for enjoying recreational activities like boating and paddling. Apart from that, the place also features a children part where parents with kids can have a good time.

St Mary's Church

The church is very popular for its aesthetic design and exquisite beauty. The church was constructed by colonel AHB Hume back in the year 1896. After being massively damaged, the church was given a reconstruction in 1947. There's a lot to see at this beautiful church.

War Memorial

The full name of this war memorial is - The Garhwali Rifles Regimental War Memorial. The memorial is located at the parade ground in Lansdown. During your visit to the town, you can check out this place to take a sneak into the history of pre-independence India.