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Jageshwar is an eye-catching hamlet situated at a height of 1870 meters (a.s.l) on the Jatganga valley. It is conceived that Jageshwar has been home to 12 Jyotirlingas, combining 124 temples and many sculptures belonging to the 11th century AD. This small village comes under Kumaon region and is a main pilgrimage site as well. The Village stands at a distance of 34 kilo meters from the beautiful town of Almora (a popular hill station in the state). Jageshwar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the midst of thick forests of Deodar and is valued a lot mythologically.

Fewer people are aware that Jageshwar is 8th Dawadasa Jyotirilingas of Shive the Hindu Lord. The atheistically designed temples are a perfect window to the art of the ancient India. The surroundings of the temple are decorated by the Deodar forests which provide a fascinating façade to the temple.

It is also a cool and calm area for mediation and for other religious activities. The constructions of the Jageshwar domes were carried out completely between 9th to 13th centuries AD. Some of the most revered temples of Jageshwar includes Dandeshwar Temple, Chandi-ka-Temple, Jageshwar Temple, Kuber Temple, Surya Temple, Nav Durga, Nava-Grah Temple etc. Surya and Mrityunjaya Temple are the oldest and Dandeshwar Temple is the largest pilgrimage in Jageshwar.

Sub tropical atmosphere prevails in Jageshwar region. The summer's temperature is comfortable and pleasant, maximum temperature is about 30 degree Celsius and the lowest temperature is around 15 degree Celsius. There may be some rainfall during the months of summer. Monsoon is a bit longer in the region and heavy rainfall from July to September is predictable. Summers will be the great atmosphere for the visitors to approach the town.

Jageshwar Tourist Place

In Jageshwar, you'll find many temples made during the ancient time. Among those shrines there is a large temple known by the name of Dandeshwar temple. It attracts thousands of pilgrims. There is a huge iron bell as well at the gateway of the dome which also drws the minds. This bell creates a significant connection between Gollu Devta, a local deity and Lord Shiva. One can also visit Vriddha Jageshwar which is believed (as per Hindu traditions) to be the abode of the Lord Shiva.

Top 3 Highlight To Visit Jageshwar

Dandeshwar Temple

The entire area of Jageshwar is highly popular for a collection of beautiful temples. There are more than 100 ancient temples here. One of these is the Dandeshwar Temple. If you are interested in ancient iconography, the Dandeshwar temple is the just the site to visit.

Jageshwar Monsoon Festival

The town of Jageshwar also features a wide variety of festivals to attract crowds from all parts of the country and outside. One of the most popular seasonal festivals celebrated here is the Jageshwar Monsson Festival. It is held in the month of August every year.

Airavat Gufa

During your holidays in Jageshwar, you can also make a visit to a couple of very popular caves. One of the caves that you shouldn't miss to see is the Airavat Gufa. Another cave worth visiting is the Patal Bhuvaneshwar caves. So, get ready to explore and enjoy.