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The term Devprayag stands for 'Holy Confluence' in the Sanskrit language. This is the confluence of two holy rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. From where the point of these two rivers ends, Holly Ganges emerges from. Devprayag is a small town situated in Tehri Garhwal district in the state of Uttarakhand. Apart from that some of its area comes under Pauri Garhwal District. It is also a Nagar Panchayat and a division of Panch Prayag. Devprayag is the last prayag of River Alaknanda. Devprayag is located on the Rishikesh-Badrinath highway.

The Hindus pay immense respect to the town as it is the place where the holy River Ganga takes it shape. The name of the region was given after Dev Sharma who led his ascetic life. It is also conceived by the people that Dev Sharma saw a quick look of God at the site. It is also believed that Lord Rama and king Dushratha performed self-mortification here. There is an old shrine of Raghunath Ji located at the confluence using massive stones. According to the belief of the people the temple was built more than ten thousands years in the past.

In the year of 1803 a devastating earthquake destroyed the shape of the town but later on the area brought to its real form by a constructional touch. The meetings of the rivers have Barahma Kund on the Bhagirathi River and Vashisht Kund on Alaknanda River. There is a area popularly known as Baitalshila which is believe that a bath in it can free patients from the disease of leprosy.

Devprayag is around 2,265 ft high above the sea level. Religiously, the site is very sacred and of immense significance among the Hindu followers. Tourist, saints, pundits and munies visit the temple throughout the year from across the country. Devprayag is also hugely blessed with natural beauty. Apart from visiting Devprayag, tourists can also take a walk to the sacred place of Danda Naggaraja temple and the Chandrabadni temple.

Top 3 Highlight To Visit Devprayag

Raghunathji Temple

While in Devprayag, you can never afford to ignore a visit to the Raghunathji Temple. It's very popular because it's considered to be as ancient as 10,000 years old. Dedicated to Lord Rama (hero of the Ramayana), it's made up of massive rocks.


The place is thus named as King Dashratha (father of Lord Rama) spend his days of penance. Close to the very site is also a small stream of water named after the king's daughter Shanta. During your visit to Devprayag, you must make a visit to this mythological site.

Chandrabadni Temple

The temple remains dedicated to Hindu goddess Sati. The place carries high mythological significance as it's the same site where the torso of goddess Sati fell down while her body was being taken by Lord Shiva. You can also enjoy eye-catching views of Himalayas from here.