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Chamba is a small hill town, 50 kilometers away from Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The beautiful hamlet is perched at an altitude of 1676 meter above the sea level, situated in the district of Tehri. This hill station was discovered by Raja Varman, who gave the place the name Chamba. The name of the place was taken from his (Raja Varma's) daughter Champavati.

The small hill town is situated in the middle of the Shivaliks and popularly known for its temples. In the olden days, the town was a division of Mughal Empire. Later on, it also became a part of Sikh Kingdoms. Eventually the area was occupied by the British and attached as a division of Himachal Pradesh.

This is a picturesque town and a quite tempting tourist place in India. The scenic beauty of Chamba and pleasant and clean environment attract viewers in thousands from all over the globe. It is a perfect location for sightseers. Chamba is just a two hour's drive from Rishikesh.

Chamunda Devi Temple is the beauty in the valley of Chamba, and the biggest focus of people from the corners of India and out of the country. The shrine is devoted to the Goddess Chamunda, the valued form of Durga. Sui Mata Temple is also one of the attractive domes for the devotees in the valley, attracting numbers of followers throughout the year. This temple is constituted in between the Chamunda Devi and Brajeshwari Temple. This is consecrated to Sui Mata, the native princess of Chamba who performed sacrifice for the resident of Chamba.

The impressive art and culture of this locality has found a place in the Bhuri Singh Museum, which remains a perfect window to Chamba. The museum offers to see yhe Basohli and Kangra style of paintings.

The Gandhi Gate is called as the main entrance of Chamba. At that time Lord Curzon the Viceroy of the British Government was welcomed through this gate constructed in 1900. Laxmi Narayan Temple is the most visited attraction in Chamba town. There are half a dozen domes devoted to the Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Three are for Lord Shiva and the rest three are for Lord Vishnu.

Chamba Tourist Place

The best thing about Chamba is its rich cultural beauty. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of this hill town, tourists can also explore the customs and traditions of this tiny hamlet and spend some quality time with their near and dear ones. A lot of pilgrims visit the town regularly.

Top 3 Highlight To Visit Chamba

Chamunda Devi Temple

Hindus believe that goddess Chamunda is one of the many incarnations of goddess Durga. The temple looks very picturesque as it is located atop a hill, providing wonderful views of the Chamba town. A Lord Shiva shrine is also located close to this temple.


It is actually a boulevard located in the centre of the city. If you want to see the local trading in action, Chowgan is just the right place to be. This is also the very place from where begins the Minjar Fair procession. A good opportunity to experience local customs and traditions!

Rang Mahal

The history of this attractive palace goes back to the 18th century. Raja Umed Sign erected this palace for the royal women to reside. Also popular by the name of the 'Painted Palace', this is one of the most visited places in the city of Chamba.