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Uttarakhand Religions

There's no doubt that religion is something that Indians can't live without. Though Hindus constitute the majority of Uttarakhand's population, the state also features many different faiths or systems of beliefs. The percentage of Hindus in the state is around 92%. The remaining population is comprised of people belonging to religions like Sikhism, Christianity and Islam among others. No wonder, all these people that follow different faiths live quite harmoniously with one another, which makes Uttarakhand one of the most beautiful and peaceful states in the country.

Apart from these major religions, you'll also notice some other forms of worships. Uttarakhand is also home to many different ethnic groups or sects that follow their own folk forms of worship. Some of these include Snake Worship, Karna Worship, Duryodhana Worship and Mahasu worship among others.

List of Uttarakhand Religions

Given below is a list of all the major religions that are followed and practiced in different cities and towns of the state of Uttarakhand. During your visit to the state, it's important to make sure that you respect the customs and traditions of every religion.