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Uttarakhand Music

The musical forms of Uttarakhand add a lot to its cultural richness. The state is widely know for giving rise to many different types of folk music forms. The folk music in the state has been inspired by the natural beauty of the region. The feel and touch of nature can definitely be felt as you listen to the folk musical tones and music in different parts of the state of Uttarakhand. You can listen to the folk music mainly during the festival season or when religious traditions are performed. These songs speak volumes of how rich and wide the state's cultural heritage is.

Folk songs in the state can be divided into different categories - ceremonious, martial and melancholy. Mandals, Panwaras, Jhoda and Thadya are some of the most popular folk songs in Uttarakhand. Popular musical instruments used by the people of this state include Dhol, Thali, Dholki, Turri, Damoun, Tabla and Harmonium among others.

List of Uttarakhand Music Forms/ Songs

Both the Garhwal and the Kumaon regions feature their own collection of interesting folk songs. If you're a music lover and want to know more about the various types of these songs in the state, given below is a list you can use. In case you need more details, you are always welcome to get in touch with our highly experienced travel counselors.

    Best Garhwali Songs
  • Garhwali Folk Song
  • Ni Rayendu- Garhwali Song
  • Garhwali Mangal Geet
  • Sach Batawa Swami Kab Aala Ghar
  • Tu Dil Todi Kabhi Na
  • Mast Mangan Hariyanchan Darivara Lane Ma
  • Gaurkhyani ki Daru
  • Dharti Ka Swami Ka Danda
  • Pichne Pichne Kuhulu Aanu
  • Palya Gaun Ki Surja
  • Narangi Ki Dani
  • Meri Bhanula
  • Jo Jash Deyi

  • Best Kumaoni Songs
  • Chuti Liber Aija Ghar Pana
  • Kumaoni Songs lalit mohan joshi
  • Baat Muddo Ki Uthao Toh Koi Baat Kar
  • Kumaoni Folk Song - Kaile Baje Muruli Baina
  • Kumaoni Holi : Divya & Diksha
  • Kumaoni Songs
  • Tiranga Buloon Lagyo
  • Kumaoni Songs lalit mohan joshi
  • Kasi Katyala Myar Dina
  • Megha Aa - First Kumaoni Film
  • Na Hoye Udasa
  • Pushpa Luki Re - Bishan Singh Hariyala
  • Myara Swami!