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Phool Dei Festival

This is one of the most gracious harvest festivals celebrated every year in the state of Uttarakhand. The state is known for holding several regional festivals, of which Phool Dei is a good example. The festive occasion derives its name from the word 'Dei' which refers to a ceremonial pudding. During this festival, people of villages sing, dance and make merry to celebrate the agricultural growth and to pray for the well being of their relatives. It is one of those times when everyone exchanges wishes of prosperity.

The Phool Dei festival is held on the first day of the Chaitra month, which is middle of March according to the Georgian Calendar. Young girls can be seen making merry all around. Together, they create a pleasurable atmosphere which everyone enjoys and appreciates.

The festive occasion heralds the beginning of spring. Anybody who visits during this time is offered a delicious ceremonial pudding which is prepared from jaggery. Money is also exchanged in the form of gifts wishing the well being of one another. Doorsteps are decorated with flowers to spread the positive message of the Phool Dei festival.