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Olgia Festival

There are several regional festivals that are celebrated in different regions of the state of Uttarakhand. The fairs and festivals of Uttarakhand speak volumes about the rich cultural background of the state. Olgia is one of the most popular regional festivals in Uttarakhand. Even today, villages in the small hamlets of the state abide by the customs and traditions of this important regional occasion. According to Georgian Calendar, the festival is held in the middle of August every year.

The Olgia festival marks the harvest growth and prosperity. During this festive occasion, you'll find all the fields green and growing. There is growth everywhere. Even the trees are laden with fruits. All around, there prevails a feeling of happiness, joy and prosperity.

Give and take of gifts is common during Olgia. Land owners receive different kinds of gifts fro agriculturists. Also known as Ghee Sankranti, Olgia festival brings joy to everyone's faces. Ghee and urad-chapatis are eaten in all the villages where this regional festival is celebrated.