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Khatarua Festival

Celebrations during a festival provide a window to the cultural exuberance of city, state or region. If you want to soak up the cultural richness, the best idea is to become a part of its fairs and festivals, major or regional. A popular regional festival in the state of Uttarakhand is the Khatarua festival. It is mostly celebrated by the villagers in the tiny hamlets of the state. During this festival, the entire atmosphere in the mountain villages of Kumaon exudes a feeling of joy and warmth. If you want to witness the festivities of this occasion, you should plan your travel in the middle of September.

On the day of Khatarua, villages get together and celebrate the joyous time of the new harvest. It also marks the arrival of the autumn season. Khatarua is also significant as it commemorates the victory of the Kumaon King.

During this festival in Uttarakhand, villages are aglow with bonfires here and there. According to the regional belief, the fire carries the capacity to put an end to the evil forces. The Khatarua festival, therefore, signifies the prevalence of goodness all across the eath.

If you visit the Kumaon villages during this festive occasion, you'll find groups of children dancing about the bonfires. The entire atmosphere is filled with an aura of happiness and merriment.