Kausani Tourist Place

Kanatal is one of the hidden treasures in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. Due to its exquisite beauty, it's gaining fast popularity with tourists from all around. If you're in Mussoorie or Dehradun, you can reach Kanatal is just a couple of hours. The beautiful hamlet of Kanatal offers a lot to see, experience and enjoy. During your visit to this place, you can plan to see the following tourist places. For more information on your trip to Kanatal, you can get in touch with our travel counselors right away.

List of Kanatal Tourist Place

Lakshmi Ashram
Lakshmi Ashram came into existence in the year of 1964 by one of the closest follower of Mahatma Gandhi, Catherine Hillman. After some time passed, Catherine Hillman became popular by the name of Sarlabe. The Lakshmi Ashram is like an institution which provides assistance to the Kumaoni women to make them able to stand on their own and face any tougher situation in the life. Several types of work are taught by the ashram to the women like growing vegetables, cooking, caring for the animals, cleaning and so on. The main motive behind this help is to make women to live their life independently.

Anashakti Ashram
This is the place where "Bapuji" Mahatma Gandhi wrote an explanation Anashakti Yog which is later known by the name of Geeta-Anashakti-Yog. This destination is where Mahatma Gandhi also had few beautiful days of his life. The quietness of the area and calmness attract many tourists here every year. Currently the ashram is being used as a study, research and accommodation center. The ashrams includes 24 rooms, apart from that it also has a kitchen, library as well. It attachment with Mahatma Gandhi is also one of the reason of attraction.

Pant Museum
This is a huge attraction for those who love literature. It is the location where the beautiful Hindi poetess Sumitra Nandan Pant was born. This is a must visiting place for tourists. There is a gallery inside the museum which was established in remembrance of Pant. This galley has a wide variety of Hindi and English books kept in glass shelves. Every year Museum conducts the birth anniversary of Pant adding many poets to be kept her alive in the memories.

Tea Gardens
Do not forget to visit tea gardens one of the popular and marvelous destination in Kausani for tourists. Tea gardens are famous among the people as Giria Uttaranchal Tea Estate. The height of this garden is around 1200 to 1800 above the sea level. A 5 five kilo meter of traveling will take you to this excellent garden situated on the Bageshwar road. The flavoring tea is transported out side of the county as Australia, Germany, United States and Korea.


Municipal Garden
This is also one of the nearer places to the town where can be reached by a pony, rickshaw or car easily. It is sited at a distance of 3 kilometers. The garden is housed by bamboo trees and deodar trees. Before Municipal garden it was famous as Company Garden. At this place visitors can enjoy boating in a man made lake. The site is easily accessible on foot.

In the state of Uttarakhand this is the perfect destination for trekking lovers. There are many treks that call the minds across the country. Treks that can be seen from here include Adi Kailash Trek, Bageshwar Sundardhunga Trek; Base Kausani Trek etc. if you are an avid trekker, you must come here to enjoy scenic treks and reconnect with the wonders of nature.