Jageshwar Tourist Place

This is one of the most frequented pilgrimage destinations in the Kumaon region. Located to the northeast of Almora, Jageshwar features a number of temples dating back to as early as 9th century. Apart from the many temples that Jageshwar is known for, it also attracts huge crowds during the Jageshwar Monsoon Festival, held around July every year. Given below are some of the most popular tourist places that you can visit during your holidays in the Kumaon region or the Almora region in Uttarakhand.

List of Jageshwar Tourist Place

Jageshwar Mahadev
The temple is situated on the west side and the shrine is of Lord Shiva. This is one of the most important temples within the premise of the temple. The temple has two Guardian Gates in the shape of Nandi and Skandi. At this place Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Nagesh or Jageshwar. Tourist and devotees visit the site in large number to worship and taking blessings of Shiva, the Hindu God.

Sri Mahamritunjaya Mahadev
Within the complex of Jageshwar Sri Mahamritunjaya Mahadev is the largest and ancient temple. Followers believe that Mahamritunjaya Mantra is holy and powerful for self realization. The pilgrims also conceive that this will remove the evil effects and makes free from any kind of fears and illness.

Dandeshwar Shiv Temple
Dandeswar Shiv Temple is located a bit high above the Jageshwar temple premise. The temple structure is holding the damage condition. The condition is not a problem for the lovers they surely come at the site and pray here. People every year visit the location whenever they make trip to Jageshwar.

Mritola Ashram
The ashram is very popular among the tourist for its spirituality and for natural beauty. Pilgrims can also enjoy the Patoria farm located here which is a part of this ashram. Mritola ahram is around 2 kilo meters away from the Vridh Jageshwar. Tourist can easily reach at the place by a 2 kilo meter walk. There is alo a famous trek around 10 kilo meters fro Jageshwar via Shokiathal.

Jhanker Saim Mahadev
Jhanker temple is placed at the southern side of Jageshwar. According to the legends, when lord Shiva was performing the Tapasya the demon obstruct his penance. At that time the God Jhanker Saim appeared their and ordered His Ganas to kill the demons. This history also makes it so popular among the visitors.

Vinayak Kshetra
Vinayak Kshetra is jus 200 meter away from the Artola town where from the Jageshwar shrines begin. This is the entrance of holy places. This destination is situated between Jhanker Saim shrine, Vrudhh Jageshwar and Koteshwar temples.