Binsar Tourist Place

The little town of Binsar has little of everything that a traveler may want to see. What truly enhances the beauty of this place is its wonderful location in the midst of a wildlife sanctuary. Whether you're a nature love, an author or an adventure lover, Binsar has a lot in store for you. Given below are some of the most frequented tourist places in and around the time. Make sure you include all these spots in your tour to Binsar.

List of Binsar Tourist Place

Binsar Mahadev Temple
The ancient Binsar Mahadev Temple is one of the most sacred shrines of 16th century. This temple is counted as one of the major tourist attractions in Binsar region. The shrine was constituted by one of the descendants of Chand Raja Dynisty, King Kalyan Chand. Bineshwar Mahadev temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is deemed to be considered that the name of the temple was based on the temple and started calling Binsar. Tourists in large numbers visit here and use this place as a stoppage to Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in middle of the mighty Himalayan ranges. From this point tourist can overlook the beautiful valley of Almora. This will be a wonderful destination to explore. The picturesque scenes of the area attract thousands of tourists every year. Wildlife Sanctuary in Binsar makes it so popular among the visitors. The reason of its establishment was to provide protection to the shrinking broad leaf oak forest of the central Himalaya. Binsar wildlife sanctuary was established in the year 1988.

Khali Estate
Khali estate is placed in the middle of the Binsar wildlife sanctuary. The Khali estate is spared over an area of 26 acre of land. Sri Henry Ramsay who served his life as a commissioner of Kumaon region from 1856 and 1884 used to live here. This destination is very calm, cool and an offers a pleasant atmosphere. This is the best location if one wants to spend some time in solitude.

Pariyadeva Pashan
The Pariyadev Pashan is popular destination in Binsar related to the ancient age of Megalithic. This famous tourist attraction is located on the Almora-Binsar road. The place is also very popular because of an archaeological location. Here is a long stone with cup-marks of the old age of Megalithic. This point gives a entire look of the region.

Zero Point
This is the highest point of the Binsar wildlife sanctuary and easily accessible as well. Zero point is situated in the Binsar sanctuary. From zero point tourists can easily perceive the beautiful and snow capped mountains of the Himalaya, like Kedarnath, Shivling, Nanda Devi and Trishul. From KMVN tourist rest house it is just 2 kilometers away.

Golu Devta Temple
One of the sacred temples and a famous pilgrimage destination as well. The shrine is about 4 kilo meters away from the main gate of Binsar sanctuary. The temple is devoted to the deity of Kumaon. It is also believed that the Golu Devta does full justice with their followers and fulfilled his wish, if he or she wishes for anything.