Ashram in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is world wide known for its Yoga and Meditation ashrams. The ashrams in Rishikesh generate an unparalled sense of ascetism. The ashrams here provide with full residential facilities, with spiritually inclined stay.

List of Rishikesh Ashrams
Residential Ashrams
The ashrams in Rishikesh provide with full residential facilities. These ashrams are known for the best of stay facilities. Fooding, lodging, laundry and other requirements are fulfilled in the ashrams. Most of the ashrams here donot charge anything for stay. They are run on donations made by pilgrims and visitors.

Major Ashrams
An annual International Yoga Week Festival is organised in Rishikesh, during the months of February or March. Leading spiritual leaders, Yoga teachers, Meditation teachers, Naturopath doctors and thousands of devotees participate in the festival. Some of the major ashrams in Rishikesh are:

* Paramarth Niketan * Sivanand Ashram * Yoga Niketan * Omkaranand Ashram * Vanprastha Ashram * Ved Niketan Dayanand * Vedanta Ashram * Vanmali Gita Yogashram * Shankaracharya Nagar Transcendental Meditation Centre * Vithal Ashram and Yoga Study Centre.