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Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh

Sivananda Ashram at Rishikesh is the headquarters of the Divine Life Society, a worldwide organization. Swami Sivananda founded the ashram in the year 1932. Initially a small structure, Sivananda Ashram has now evolved into a huge complex with a number of halls, a temple and Gurudev's Kutir. Any person inclined towards spirituality can join this ashram and spend his life in the service of others.

Sivananda Yoga
The form of yoga taught at Shiva Nanda yoga centers and ashrams is known as Sivananda Yoga. A type of Hatha Yoga, it emphasizes on proper breathing (pranayama), exercise (asanas), relaxation (savasana), diet (vegetarian) and positive thinking and meditation (vedanta and dhyana). The teachers at these yoga centers are graduates of the internationally recognized, Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Divine Life Society
In 1936, Swami Sivananda established the Divine Life Society at the Sivananda Ashram. The motto of this society is "Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize". It was set up with the aim of spreading spiritual knowledge throughout the world. Later, in the year 1938, 'The Divine Life' Journal was started

Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy
Swami Sivananda instituted the Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy in the year 1948. It was established to train disciples in the discipline of yoga.

The Course
The students of the Sivananda Ashram are educated in Yoga, Vedanta, philosophy, ethics and meditation. The three courses are offered each year, in March-April, May-June and August-September. The duration of the courses is two months.

Sivananda Eye Hospital
Swami Sivananda established the Sivananda Eye Hospital in the year 1957.

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For spiritual studies and classes on meditation, you should head straight to the many ashrams in Rishikesh. In any case, you shouldn't miss visiting the popular ones including Sivanand Ashram, Paremarth Niketan, Yoga Niketan and Vithal Ashram among others.

Triveni Ghat

Ganga ghats are highly revered. One of these is the Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh, known for its divinity. You can visit this ghat in the evening when the much popular Ganga Arti is performed here on the banks of the divine Ganges. A must-watch indeed!

Lakshman Jhula

Among many tourist attractions in Rishikesh, the Lakshamn Jhula has its own significant place. Hindus believe that this is the place from where Lakshman (Rama's brother) had crossed the river. Today, it stands in the form of a beautiful suspended bridge.